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On the other hand, some sects, like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, have retained their features as world-rejecting sects over a long period of time, while others, like the People’s Temple, have completely disappeared.

What influences whether a sect is short-lived or long-lived, whether it turns into a denomination or whether it disappears?

For example, children are notoriously picky eaters, but our experts make healthy food fun, leading school and community programs like our 'Healthy Bites' nutrition education sessions.

Our team encourages kids to eat a 'rainbow' of colorful, nutritious fruits and vegetables that they’ve never tried before, or try a fun, healthy snack like raisin 'ants' on a celery 'log'.

Each year, we serve more than two billion meals to customers around the world, accommodating many differences in tastes and diet.

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Healthy For Life™ is our comprehensive health and wellness program.To make it easy for people to find healthy food, we highlight the wide variety of options we offer with colorful, high-impact signs and promotions.If you’re looking for a lunch that’s low-fat, organic or vegetarian, we’ll help you find it.The dynamics of sects and cults is concerned with how and why they may change overtime.Some suggest that sects tend to be short-lived, as they will, over time, either turn into denominations or disappear altogether.

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