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by Jayaram VWe have very little information about the religious life of the Indus valley people.

During it's hey days the Indus valley civilization covered an area in the Indian subcontinent that was larger than the present day Europe.

According to another view, the Indus people were probably Aryans, whose civilization was a precursor to the Vedic civilization that was established in India by a subsequent wave of Vedic Aryans. Some historians also suggested that the people of Indus valley probably shared an affinity with the ancient Egyptians and other African cultures.

According to Professor Spyridon Marinatos, the Indus civilization was probably similar to that of ancient Greece.

The civilization flourished roughly between 3500 BC and 2000 BC, with its antecedents dating as far back as 7000 -6000 BC during the Neolithic period.

Some historians question whether the religion of the Indus Valley people can be categorized at all as the earliest known aspect of Hinduism.

When someone is travelling to another place, people may say, "He is going to a 'ur' or 'uru.'" If they do not know where he is going and want to know, they may ask "which 'ur' are you going?

" Hundreds and perhaps thousands of place names in the southern states of India also end with the suffix "ur" or "uru" such as Bangalore (pronounced as Bangalur), Mysore, Belur or Tanjore (pronounced as Tanjaur) or Chittoor (pronounced as Chittur).

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