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We have this chemistry naturally, because we love each other. Taylor Swift plays a crazy version of herself as purported by the media in the hilarious visual for "Blank Space".The fun and witty song was written by Taylor Swift in collaboration with Max Martin, who also produced it together with Shellback.The track is a follow-up to her number-one hit "Shake It Off" and serves as the second official single taken from the country pop star's fifth studio album '1989', released on October 27, 2014 via Big Machine Records.Even though Pickler wrote Bonnie & Clyde with Jacobs, she does not consider him the Clyde to her Bonnie."He's definitely not my partner in crime. My dad's name is Clyde, and I think of my dad and his crazy girlfriends in the past. Pickler doesn't consider herself much of an outlaw, but she did break into the North Carolina State Fair once."I don't know why, but we were wanting to race down the big slides they have. The fence was chained shut, but it was open just enough for us to squeeze through.The clip was mostly filmed at the Oheka Castle on Long Island over three days in September.Taylor Swift has also released a complimentary interactive app fans can download for free, which allows them to follow along with the music video as if they were in the castle together with Taylor.

I like to make sure the bats are out of the cage, you know? If you want to get Pickler to do something, dare her.

We went so fast sliding down, we were just like sacks of potatoes going across the gravel at the end.

One of the girls who was with us ripped the skin on her leg down to the meat. She dreams of George Jones."I had a dream that George Jones and I robbed a liquor store."5.

(Even better: double-dog dare her.)"If there's a plane, and you say 'jump,' if I've got a parachute, I'll do it. She has not worked any choreography from Dancing With the Stars into her concerts."My music doesn't go very well with ballroom dancing, and I can't ballroom-dance by myself." She and Dancing With the Stars partner Derek Hough did threaten to introduce dance moves to her band, though. They're a honky-tonk band — they're not going to break out the tango or the Viennese waltz.

My pride gets the best of me when someone says, 'You won't do it.'"When I was 13, I was at the beach with friends and everybody was getting their bellybuttons pierced. I said, 'Derek's out here on the road not just to rehearse with me.

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