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Fran Lebowitz and I met several years ago at a lively dinner at the home of our mutual friends, painters David Novros and Joanna Pousette-Dart. ” And I just said, “Yes”—I hadn’t even thought about it. I really don’t believe in the theory of genetic addictions, that you’re either born an addict or you’re not.While we’ve occasionally ended up smoking outside of one social function or another, I had never had the opportunity to sit down and have a lengthy conversation with Fran about her life and work until Eugenie Dalland, editor of when you spoke of a woman behind the counter at 3 a.m. I don’t happen to think that food or sex are addictions, because they both are natural desires.Rail: Which was on the corner of Lexington and 63rd Street.

I liked to be read to when I was little but as soon as I learned to read I preferred to read by myself.But food, from the second you’re born, you want to eat. I know smoking is bad for you; it’s not that I haven’t heard this.The same thing with sex: the minute you discover it you want to experience it again, but both are not addictive. If you ask me, “Would you like never to have smoked? But also stopping smoking, after you’ve smoked a long time, is not the same thing as never smoking.Rail: I read your book yesterday again for the second time since the first time I read it in college. I would go to his house with coffee and a danish, and I would read it to him and he would type it.I felt the labor that went into the four categories: “People,” “Things,” “Places,” and “Ideas.” Each was written with different tempos, textures, content, among other things. And then I would go to proofing and give it to them by early afternoon. But of course, if you look at those old issues of , there wasn’t that much writing in them.

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