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Even though she did not understand the intricacies of what Charlie Eppes does for a living, she was more open to the mathematician's antics than her partner, Don.

Sabrina Lloyd did not return for the second season and Terry did not appear in the last two episodes of the first season.

Ian Edgerton (portrayed by Lou Diamond Phillips) is a recurring character who has appeared in five out of six seasons.

He is the FBI's best sniper, as well as being the fourth best shot in the United States.

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Upon reading the script, she agreed to star as Millie.

She is versant in all of the Division's fields and holds an advanced mathematics degree.

At first she appeared bossy and troubled Charlie Eppes and his colleagues, especially Amita Ramanujan, who is conducting research with her.

The focus of the show is the relationship between brothers Don and Charlie Eppes.

Don is an FBI agent and Charlie is a mathematics professor who consults with Don's team.

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