Not only is it a colossal blockbuster featuring Tom Cruise, but Universal is looking to build a cinematic monster universe.

This world be a movie realm featuring Johnny Depp as The Invisible Man, Russell Crowe as Dr.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement.

Google’s already taken a lot of hints from modders and manufacturers (and, let’s face it, the now-defunct Web OS) for Ice Cream Sandwich.

continues to move along with mummy-esque determination t0ward a movie theater near you.

It’s a brand of reboot we’re still trying to wrap our heads around (not that we’re not optimistic) and thankfully there’s now a set photo to confirm this motion picture is coming our way.

Let's hope Brabus's new Zero Emission specialists turn their attention to the mechanicals next time.


Seriously, why isn’t there a way to enable a more precise battery meter in stock Android?I’m sure id Google asked nicely, they could use the Cyanogen Mod/T-Mobile theme engine for AOSP.(Sample theme is Zeu Bug from XDA.) I still think that stock Android is better than any manufacturer skin out there, bar none.Let’s hope they can make Jelly Bean even more fantastic via the sincerest of flattery to hard-working modders.Let us know some of your favorite modifications to Android, and why you think they belong in the main development tree, in the comments section.

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