Validating user input java

NET MVC and shows how to create a model, execute controller logic, and interact with models via views.

The course shows how to create professional-looking web pages with layouts, work with data in forms, create separate content or sites for mobile devices, and enhance your projects with AJAX.

Then, call the appropriate getter methods to retrieve the field values.

Validating web forms is a critical skill for any web developer, ensuring that the data that's submitted is complete, accurate, and nonmalicious before it's sent off to the server.

♦ Help user - Program should help user to enter correct data in the first go.

For this, each text-field must have a describing corresponding one.

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Unfortunately, the servlet and JSP APIs provide no mechanism for easily validating input data!♦ Choose the right component - Always implement the best GUI component possible for the particular type of data.Eg- When asking for class and section, provide a for choosing the section.So, a program must check if the user has entered the required data or not.If the user has not provided the required data the program must not run further.

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