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And if then which version to download Hey Folks, I am not succeed for getting ios supported on Leopard 10.5.2. but after a lot of googling and download 4 different ios I share my experience here for other mates if they have same issue... So don't waste time to find ios for 10.5.2 and try to find Mac Leopard 10.5.7 or latest Thanks It sounds like you are using Kalyway or something similar. I might try to fake a snow leopard version on my leopard install...

I don't know about ios 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 but these are based on device only as much I know.

However, all of these compilations rely on the work of kernel hackers made by Lorem (build 9A466), Syntheti X (builds 9A499, 9A527 and 9A559), To H (builds 9A581, 9B13 and 9B18) and more recently a group calling themselves Stage XNU (now called Voodoo) (Darwin 9.4.0).

Their contributions trickled down into the various Mac OSx86 installers, readily available on the Internet.

A computer built to run this type of The legality of this form of tying is disputed by companies such as Psystar, Bizon computer, Pear C and Mac PC who have attempted to release products using Mac OS on non-Apple machines.

However, while the methods Apple uses to prevent specific changes to the law regarding the concept of jailbreaking that permitted the practice has thrown such and similar circumvention methods into a grey area when carried out by end-users for personal use.

Five of the most popular builds go by the name Ja S, Kalyway, i ATKOS, i PC and i Deneb - although more recently these builds are on the way out as the Boot-132 method (described below) gains popularity.In June, the hackers released the 10.4.7 update for non-Apple computers using the 10.4.4 kernel.Up to the release of the 10.4.8 update, all OSx86 patches used the 10.4.4 kernel with the rest of the operating system at version 10.4.8.Note 1: Apple Partition Table is not good scheme for a bootable HD for hackintosh, it is mostly for PPC.Note 2: if you choose to repartition your hard drive from the Disk Utility or any other tool, it will cause loss of all information on that hard drive (including any Windows flavor you have installed on it)can repartition your hard drive from leopard installation or existing leopard installation in this way:open Disk Utility.right click on the drive you wish to partition from the left hard-drive tree, and choose the "Partition" the "Volume Scheme" drop-down menu choose the number of partitions you would like to create on the the lower "Options..." button choose the desired partition scheme, i would suggest you would like just to know what partition you are currently using then open "Disk Utility"from the left hard-drive tree choose the drive you wish to query, (Note: the drive and not its partitions)then look at the right lower corner next to the label: "Partition Map Scheme" and you will see your partition scheme (Master Boot or GUID)Shay.

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