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You can only use to change the address where your registration renewal notice is mailed. You cannot use to change the address of the vehicle owner (the address shown on your title) or the address of the vehicle location.

To change either of these addresses, click here to download an Address Change Form. When changing an address online, be ready to provide the vehicle's license plate number and last four digits of the Vehicle Identification Number(VIN).

The information provided on our website will help you to complete any driver's license-related transaction, from changing the name or address on your license to reinstating your suspended credential.

The all-encompassing Road Guide and value-added forms and checklists have all the details you need to complete your vital driver license procedures in the quickest way possible.

In some states, you have less than 30 days to update your driving records and/or vehicle registration, so now's the time to act! We've compiled everything you need to know about updating your driving records with your new residential or mailing address. No Will the state of Texas issue me a new driver's license or ID card? No Where can I complete my vehicle registration change of address?

You'll be able to head out with the car keys from the day you officially call Texas home. Yes Where can I complete my driver's license change of address? You can easily complete your change of address online through Texas' Change of Address System. You'll be happy about this one: You can easily complete your change of address online through Texas' Change of Address System.

However, you are required to report your change of address in several services you get in order to keep receiving your bills, Social Security information, postal service and essentially, your driver license address.

If you are under age 18, there is a .00 driver's license fee. You'll need to visit the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles in person. Don't sit on it - you'll need to register your vehicle within 30 days of your move.

Find all of the information you need to perform any drivers license process all in one place.

It does not matter whether you are applying to obtain your first license to drive or if you are updating or renewing a long-held driving license.

The first step in the change of address process is updating your address with the United States Postal Service.

Once you have visited a post office in Texas to change your address, you can then proceed with changing the address on your Texas drivers license, which is the first step to ensuring all your credentials reflect your address change.

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