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Another way to update dials is by defining a unique ID for each dial and then passing the updated value to the ID.To define an ID for each dial, you can use the code snippet shown below: This parameter sets the path of the page which is supposed to relay real-time data to the chart.In the blog post, we will learn about Pusher’s presence channel and how to know about the online members to this channel.We will be building the following components during this blog post: Find here the link to the Github Repository for reference.You must be able to upload and run a server-side script on a server in the same domain as the charts.In this method, a chart accesses the script, which loads the information, retrieves it and returns the information back to the chart.

In this blog post, we will learn how we can update a user’s status in realtime component along with a list of all members who are online.If you have multiple dials defined, you can update them all in a single update as shown in the following output from the real-time data provider page: Here, we’re specifying three values in the real-time update.So, assuming that we’ve 3 dials or pointers defined in the chart, each one of them will take the values in sequence and update itself.If you have special characters as a part of your data stream URL, like ? This page needs to be on the same sub-domain on which the chart is hosted and invoked from.Otherwise, security will restrict it from accessing the data and hence the real-time feature won’t work.

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