Teen dating violence quotes

Al Gore, June, 2001 *****************The principal objective of American government at every level should be to see that children are born into intact families and that they remain so.Daniel Patrick Moynihan *****************Finally, preliminary research shows that marriage education workshops can make a real difference in helping married couples stay together and in encouraging unmarried couples who are living together to form a more lasting bond.Individuals become isolated, the isolated turn cruel, and the tragic hovers in the forms of domestic and civil violence. Susan Vreeland When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European or anything else, you are being violent. Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind.When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. Equal pay for equal work, paid leave, raising the minimum wage.Sadly, this situation is a reality for millions of children, women, and men each year as part of the global human trafficking industry.Bill Flores Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play.Newlywed Darrel at Marriage is survived just on the basis of ordinary etiquette, day in and day out. Only 8 percent of the families who do this are poor; 79 percent of those who fail to do this are poor.William Galston, Clinton White House *************You can't be value free when it comes to marriage.

- Unknown*************My wife’s actions are a mirror. Do you remember the '70s, they had all these 'empowering' groups where you tell everybody everything? That's stupid."Jim Harrison**************Research has shown a child who sees his mother mistreated is more damaged than if the child himself is abused.If we desire a society without discrimination, then we must not discriminate against anyone in the process of building this society.If we desire a society that is democratic, then democracy must become a means as well as an end. No martyr's cause has ever been stilled by an assassin's bullet.Robert Kennedy Where there is no human connection, there is no compassion.Without compassion, then community, commitment, loving-kindness, human understanding, and peace all shrivel.

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