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I was ready, but even so, about an hour before the event my fellow Leaguers saw my crying over my prototype. But that was with a pre-set presentation that I had practiced 15 times.

Right now, at the start, they know the basics that they need in order to frame the rest of the pitch. After this you can go into what a turn looks like and discuss key mechanics In addition to this, I found in the actual pitch that you can leave things unsaid in your initial speech.I ended up saying everything I would have said anyway, but without a giant speech at the front end. But what your game DOES have is x, y, z.” This also applies when writing up your sell sheet. I don’t think it was in context of pitching, but it fits. That doesn’t mean that if they take it on they won’t continue development, or that you shouldn’t be open to changes they suggest.But you should have the game as ready as you think it could be.He has published a short article on his site and the videos on You Tube, but since 6 out of the 9 videos they produced showcase faces from this League, we couldn’t help but share it with you as well.My business partner and friend, Drake Philyaw, and I took our time-travelling co-op game, It combined all my favorite things – games, meeting new people, presenting. The last time I had pitched a game was the Tabletop Deathmatch in 2013.

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