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• The ACE Tea ADVANCED COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT Future Publishing A Queen Street BATH BA1 1EJ « 0225 4460 446019 Telecom Gold84: TXT152 Prestel/Micronet 045 874 011 Co-edilors Peter Connor Steve Cooke Reviews Editor Andy Wilton Production Editor Rod Lawton Stafl Writer Andy Smith Art Editor Trevor Gilham Art Team Angela Neal Sally Meddings Publisher Chns Anderson COVER PHOTOGRAPHY Stuan Baynes Photography Bath » 0225 66343 • SUBSCRIP- TIONS & SPECIAL OFFERS Christine Stacey The Old Barn. Ekisloi BS4 0QL • DISTRIBUTION SM Distribution 1618 Trinity Gardens. rr— - r - — ^ FEATURING EXCLUSIVE DIGITIZED VIDEO ACTION. Then take the challenge of the only strategy simulation good enough to be sanctioned by the World Wrestling Federation? See the real WF Superstars perform the movesyou want. In an attempt lo get some more meaningful idea of the ST versus Amiga battle, we've can- vassed opinion where it counts - in the UK's computer shops At street level.

London SW9 8DX » 01-274 8611 5 • PRINTING Chase Web Ollset. Micro League Wrestling has all the action and drama of live WF matches including interviews by Mean Gene Okerlund and ringside commentary by Vince Mc Mahon. Alan's ST seems to be winning the 16-tnt sales battle, but certain pockets of strong Amiga resistance are holding out At the Sound 'n' Vision shop in Leigh. Graham Mills has reason to be happy with his Amiga sales - he's just won a holiday in Singapore from his distributors 'The Amiga's doing fantastic', he says.

Jn a blistering hail ot laser fire, ACE presents the defini- tive buyers' guide to shoot-em-ups. Andy Wilton discusses game-play styles , 103 Into The Maelstrom Mike Singleton, pro grammer and game designer extraordinaire, tatks exclusively to ACE about the chartbusting programs currently being coded by his company Maelstrom Games.

Plus a chance ol a job for ACE readers Mike Singleton, programmer INTERFACE 7 News Electronic pets invade the Earls Court toy fatr...

An Atari spokesman expressed satisfaction with ST sales last year, describing the machine as Ihe fastest-seling home computer t around within a month or two.

Quaflorba W Jon Elway leans on Ouarletba Advanced Computer Entertainment 9 METAL MOGGIES TAKE OVER Steve Cooke reports from the Earls Court Toy Fair...

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Time Ban- dit on the Amiga - plus three new versions of the excellent Tefrrs.GAMEPLAY 41 Screen Test This month's red-hot releases face the ACE chal- lenge.Checkout Digital Integration's first non-simu- lator title - ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter, plus stunning shoot-lo-survive graphics on Xenon, you can actually talk to the aliens in Intogrames' Captain Blood.Pick the latest and the greatest from your Atari Dealer or fill in the coupon to order by mail. Please tick Mle(s) required Archon £14 99 G Ballblazer Ei4 99 fjl Rescue on Fractalus £14 99 □ Fight Night £1499 □ Blue Max £14.99 □ Twilight World £4.99 □ Ihunderfox £4 99 □ Compilation £4 99 □ Forward cheque/postal order (or total amount accompanied by this order (orm to: Atari Corp (UK) Limited, Atari House, Railway Terrace, Slough, Berks SL2 5BZ Name (Mr/Mrs/Mlss) P HM C0At Dl«lf "V-| Ol OC» (JO Ull Ad d re ss f J5i* hi*. 6 0*|S to* d#H«rr i Postcode A ATARI SPECIALS 31 Break The Bank Want lo be a millionaire?We check out gambling theory - plus the software that claims to help you beat the bookies and win the pools Predict he score and scoop the pools with Poolswtnner 67 Bandits at 6 O'Clock .7 o'clock and 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock and. Or Points Are you an alien assassin who cares lor nothing but the whimper ot expiring life-forms and your position on the hi-score table - or are you a planetary pio- neer who aims for the final screen, no matter how many bonuses you relinquish on the way?

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