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Happily ever after the end.” Een foto die door thewaywemet is geplaatst op “I never imagined that serving coffee was how I’d find true love.We were both working at different Starbucks when I first met him.I spent 15 minutes frantically pounding for someone to let me out.Then, Chris opened it and asked me what I’m doing in there.Even though I’ve loved him since I was 5, it was like we had to wait until we were perfectly ready for each other.” Een foto die door thewaywemet is geplaatst op “I had my heart broken while I was in college by my first love.

We were both going through a divorce and started as friends who were leaning on each other during a difficult time.

He makes me feel beautiful.” Een foto die door thewaywemet is geplaatst op “I met my boyfriend in 2009 while I was working as a part-time cashier at Walmart.

One night before leaving, I offered to cover another cashier’s check out lane during her fifteen minute break.

My family moved away when I was 8, and while our parents always stayed close, him and I lost touch through moves, school changes, and marriages.

We reconnected when I started following him on Instagram 20 years after we first met.

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