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He was also told he’d soiled himself during his sleep.Heavy drinking is not uncommon on the “Bachelor” shows, with contestants sometimes becoming so intoxicated that they see the extent of their behavior only when it eventually airs on national television.The move came after Sarah Herron — the contestant Johnson insulted for her disability — gave an ultimatum to production: Either he goes or I go.“I ran to the producers and said, morally, I can’t be here and I don’t think we’re setting a good example by keeping him in the house,” Herron recalled.“I thought it was poor form for the franchise to keep someone around that was jeopardizing our safety for ratings’ sake.

The incident in Mexico has also raised larger questions about the overall “Bachelor” franchise, where the alcohol has always flowed freely and served as a lubricant for obtaining juicy sound bites and drama.

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Also, alcohol loosened him up — he wanted to be liked by his new cast mates, and when he drank, he felt like he was instantly funnier.“Plus, when you’re filming the show, you have this adrenaline pump of being on TV, so you can drink more and are still capable of walking and talking,” Johnson, 29, explained.

“There are points of time on the show where you’re still conscious, where in the real world, you would have been asleep somewhere 10 hours earlier.”But no one on the production team put Johnson to bed.

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