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I'm a little shy and my friends descibe me as laid back and reserved.

Not really the life of the party kind of guy, but still love a good party every now and then.

Loud, overbearing, lying, deceitful, or pill addicted women looking for someone to them through life.

I believe both people contributing in a relationship is a good thing.

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I have had to resort to sending self addressed stamped envelopes to his teacher in order to guarantee I am kept in the loop with his schooling (this was the principal's suggestion).

BTW, I have no interest in piercings for either myself or my wife, and while some are decorative and might be considered tasteful or sexy, IMO are over the top and just look ridiculous. females ready for sex Vicksburg are always good for starters.

I'm a look you in the eyes, no BS or man, and I will expect the same in return.

Not looking for one night stands or for a very serious relationship right off.

*wink wink free fuck ads There is nothing "innocent" about a married placing his penis inside another woman's vagina. But when he knew he was about to fuck this other woman, he should've gone to his wife and said he wanted OUT of the marriage.

The emotional part that you wrote about is something I can understand.

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