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Bear in mind that this only works in Safari, so if the device has another browser installed then your kid will still be able to visit any website in that browser.

Rather than blocking a website or two, you can take things a stage further and only allow access to a set list of websites.

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You must be present, have proper identification and the notary must witness your signature * All forms must be completely filled out, signed and notarized * All payments must be made with a money order, cashier's check or business check from the licensed establishment and made payable to the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission. * Notaries are available at the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission office for walk in clients.As soon as you leave the Settings app, the restrictions apply to the device.If you want to change your Restrictions settings, just go back to the Settings app, choose General Restrictions, and reenter your Restrictions passcode.Tap the Websites button under the Allowed Content group.This displays a list of options: All Websites, Limit Adult Content, and Specific Websites Only.

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