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While role-playing sexual fantasies is a vibrant part of the marriage bed for some couples, for other couples, it can seem confusing and even a bit scary. I’d like to suggest that you ask yourself two questions: Is it sinful? What if it is a fantasy that would be sinful to do? Pretending to be strangers who meet in a hotel bar and go have sex doesn’t mean that you would do that—and you would know the entire time that you are pretending and that you are married only to each other. Pretending to do something that would be sinful invites the enemy into your heart and mind. Plus, you take the risk of enjoying it and opening yourself to the temptation to do the act for real. If a fantasy overpowers your thought life and your sexual response, it might be wise to rethink whether it should be part of your marriage bed.So let’s say that you and your husband determine that it is not sinful to act out a particular fantasy. This is especially important if the fantasy would be sinful to actually do.I feel bad about myself when I let myself dwell on it.

He held me and asked me what I wanted to do about it.I had my Easy Bake oven and play kitchen, my dolls, and the chalkboard I used when I played teacher.So much of childish play involves make-believe and pretend.The sharing is an opportunity to accept and love each other.It was hard for me to share my fantasy with my husband.

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