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Make the most of your valuable sales leads with Tall Emu CRM.

Our powerful automation tools let you schedule rule-based follow up of your sales leads, including emails sent directly to the lead on a drip-feed, or reminding your sales team to follow up (inlcuding automatically scheduling calls).

Tall Emu CRM features powerful email marketing capabilites that lets you design email campaigns based on templates created by us, you, or your own preferred agency.

We link with all major Australian accounting companies to eliminate the re-keying of data.

Our powerful automation solution includes automated invoice reminders sent from your CRM directly to your clients.

Asking people to pay their account works - take this repetitive task away from your team and have the system do it for you, saving time and money and ensuring it is done.

You can use it right out of the box, or engage our business consulting team to help you implement a system that drives your business forward.

Set targets in CRM over any element of your business - sales, operations, telemarketing, number of calls - you name it, it can be done.

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