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That leaves a certain percentage of people – fewer than the passion-seekers – who go into marriage without blinders on.

I would guess most of them love their partners – much like Lori – they just don’t feel that THING that makes you feel like you just KNOW.

If you’d rather be single and alone, well, congratulations, you’ve got your wish.

I didn’t arrive at these conclusions from a textbook.

For what it’s worth, I think MORE people are “in love” when they get married than not in love.After dating half of Los Angeles over 15 years, I didn’t rush into marriage – and I wanted to be sure that it felt the way it was supposed to feel. “On this side, you have passion.” She flipped over the card. It’s not impossible to have ANY passion with comfort or ANY comfort with passion. The very thing that ignites passion is friction and instability. Comfort, therefore, is not nearly as exciting, but it tends to last longer.“On this side, you have comfort.” “Choose one.” Yeah. Studies say that passion usually dissipates in 18-24 months.Because if you take as gospel what she says – “passion or bust!” – you might have a long and lonely road ahead of you.

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