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He gets a lot of enjoyment out of the simple things in life.4.Basically, getting his favorite kind of ice cream or watching his sports team win will make him absolutely elated, and it’s awesome.5. He doesn’t say anything to you with the intention to instill hidden meaning.He doesn’t cause conflicts with the people you love. You have some pretty funny stories about some of his attempts at romance.

He doesn’t have any problem spending time with the people to whom you introduce him. You have hounded him at least once or twice for not caring about something as much as you wish he did, only to later realize it really didn’t matter that much anyway.27.

They are the ones who put you first and bring simple laughter to your life rather than more stress. When it comes to gift-buying, you've probably had to laugh a few times and think of the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts.”2.

Sometimes, you find yourself in complete awe of the ridiculous crap that comes from his mouth.3.

This is why this kind of man is the real hero for whom we’re all looking.

He keeps it simple in a world that makes life far too complicated.

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    Tears of Glass (complete) - Spring 2011 LOTSEEKERFIC AWARDS 2nd Place Winner - What if the spell Nicci used on the glass to blind Richard was laced with subtractive magic, making it impossible for Zedd to heal Richard's eyes? Kahlan's Big News - This came about because of my frustrations of not thinking there was enough Richard and Kahlan reuniting times at the end of Confessor. I really loved Verna and Warren in the books and was sad for how it ended. Inevitably Together - It didn't happen that first night back home. "We wouldn't be here if you would have just stood down." An alternative turn of events in 3x24, Knockout. She doesn't see him like that, thank you very much. Loosely based on "You've Got Mail." My entry for the Rom Com Fic Challenge."He's tired of fighting it. Maybe it's the dumbest idea he's had so far; but he's not ready to give up yet." AU post 2x23. After the events of 47 Seconds and The Limey, Castle and Beckett wake to find themselves handcuffed to each other in a dark room. A two-part exploration into what could have happened if Cuffed took place after The Limey. COMPLETE"Still, she's smiling, and it's the same gorgeous, open smile that he's seen more in the past several weeks than in their first few years of working together, stunning in its sincerity.