Mob wives dating rapper

Does the cancellation of the Washington franchise of "Real Housewives" and the less than spectacular ratings for the Miami show signal a waning interest in the catfights, broken alliances and trash talking of these shows? "Housewives are a part of pop culture," said Lori Koff, a writer who runs the blog "The Real Housewives Are Nuts." "The world is full of housewives and girlfriends and we all go through the same emotions." That sense that viewers may see a little of themselves in the shows is not a new concept, but is one that may be growing in importance as reality personalities rival actors and actresses for fans."The definition of celebrity is changing," casting director Doron Ofir told the New York Times last month during The Reality Rocks Expo held in Los Angeles.If you're Natalie Didonato, you call him up and ask to help out.South Philly's Didonato, the newest cast member on VH1's "Mob Wives," recruited rapper Meek Mill to help out in her own charitable offerings.

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"'Mob Wives' may capture the imagination of the 'Jersey Shore' crowd, but will not score any points with Islanders who are fed up with their hometown depicted as the home office for La Cosa Nostra," said the Staten Island Advance newspaper in Staten Island, New York, where the series is based.(CNN) -- The funny thing about reality shows built around housewives and girlfriends is that the men who made them such really aren't necessary.Sure, the men often are present in storylines and some even seem to crave the attention as much as the "stars" of the series (we're looking at you, Simon from "The Real Housewives of New York City")."When people walk up to me and say 'That's the girl from the Jim Jones show' I want to correct them," she said."It's cost me a lot emotionally because I walk down the street and people feel like they know me." Lori Koff's father worked in television in the early days and she grew up watching stars around the CBS Studio Center.

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