How we chat live sex on skype

The last time it happened to me, a chat box simply popped-up from a supposedly female contact called “-sex”.The spam message was quite simply a smiley emoticon with a party hat on.

We'll find out soon enough, man, I left a button undone, there's the vaginal opening. Pretend that's YOUR vagina and I did that to you, doesn't that feel so good? I figure it would be on, it would be on the scrotum area of my penis. They mostly come in this shape, in jelly form or in hard plastic. Anyway, you can use this and put it up your buuuutttt and it will feel good. Oh yeah, our tongues are exchanging between our mouths, we're frenching and it feels so good, your tongue on mine and mine on yours just feels so good, right! You would sexually reach around your back, we're not kissing at this point, we're not kissing since we've taken off our shirts.

You know what should be taught as well in addition to what sex is? where I feel I'm about to lose it, and then it all, it all just the stuff, yeah, yeah, some of my semen comes out. so I-- when I come I have a clean plastic cup by my side and I just make sure to put all of my semen in the cup there. Well, if you want me to, I could describe how masturbation works for a woman, because I've seen it through my share of the pornography and hentai anime I have.

Well, anyway, to get back to me, so yeah basically, I just massage mysel- I just massage myself down there and then, uh, and then, uh and then it gets more erect and uh, you know, it's still wet but I go back to my bed and uh, lie down, on the bed, and uh like you know I just massage it, I just massage it up and down with, like, you know, one of my hands or both of them at the same time depending on the random have somebody else in the room with you? So yeah anyway, well, pump it down with one or both of my hands at the moment until I feel, until I feel the sensation...

While this type of spam is fairly harmless, other types are more sinister, such as the one received by a user on the Skype forums who reports: At 08.00 today I had a skype call from ” his lordship”.

(lordship.pua) skype user, He claimed to work for my bank and they were doing some work on my account !!

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