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Lawmakers have become acutely familiar with the financial challenges caused by pension underfunding, and they're certainly aware of the political difficulties involved in trying to change pension formulas.

But the legal hurdles involved in changing pension benefits can be formidable as well.

Could the state’s hesitation be the source for its recent election debacles?

For full election coverage, go to Governing's Election Center.

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Paul Le Page and the legislature are barely on speaking terms -- is an exercise in extreme political hostility.

Republicans have the governorship and the state House in Iowa, but Democrats have Mike Gronstal, who adheres to the old-fashioned sense that voters elect politicians to work on policy before retreating to their respective partisan corners.

Old houses are being torn down and replaced in suburbs all over the country.

Democrats are preparing to fight the new administration's policies like Trump's pick to lead the EPA fought Obama's: with lawsuit after lawsuit. government that any party has had in decades, Republicans have hit the jackpot.

But can Democratic AGs make a difference with their diminished numbers? The new administration will embolden states’ rights, but it could also create problems for them.

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