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It's good for lifting tokens, and fairly common so it's easy to hijack. Guide (Overhead) account - This is special OH account used by Guides.

I'm sure you former AOL users remember these assholes trolling the chatrooms.

In addition to using it to token scan, it can also be used to design new keywords.

It used a scripting language called FDO which is like a propriatory version of HTML.

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Now unless you announce to the person that they were gagged, they would never realize it because to them it looks like the chat text is showing up fine but no one else can see it.In fact I found the employee list while token scanning. Well they are similar to "invokes" from master AOL.In fact an "invoke" is a type of token (U1 I believe). I do admit that I did start out with AOHell but quickly outgrew it.Overhead - This is a special account which is not billed any monthly fees.

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