Fake adult dating

And once they send them that photo, they have them.” The photo is of an allegedly underage girl, naked.One of the men duped by the scam agreed to talk with WCCB Charlotte on the phone, but didn’t want to be identified. I did not even want it.” The scam works like this: men chat with someone they think is an adult on a dating website.Each is charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and multiple counts of wire fraud. Each charge carries a maximum of 20 years in federal prison.

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Defendants took turns contacting the victims to demand more payments, records show.They also were told they could avoid jail time if they paid a fine, records state.The defendants fraudulently collected nearly ,000, according to court documents.“Cyber-blackmailing continues to prove as an effective tactic for cybercriminals to cash out on their malicious operations,” he said.“In this case, it appears that a threat actor group originally involved in adult dating scams have expanded their operations to cyber-extortion campaigns as a result of this trend.” If this type of scam email makes it through the spam filters into your inbox, do not click on any links, do not reply, and delete the message (or click on the Phish Alert button).

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