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We report a newly developed provenance-tracing method by using a combination of electron spin resonance (ESR) signal intensity of the E1′ center in quartz and crystallinity index (CI) of quartz, which reflect the formation age and crystallization ... These materials may contain records of past climate changes in the Arctic area, such as the melting of glaciers around the drainage basin of the Yukon River, which help to under... This is important to quantify any 90Sr concentration in teeth, which in turn is necessa... The alpha effectiveness was investigated for an ESR signal due to View the Math ML source SO3− in barite by comparing the dose responses of the signal for gamma irradiation and for He ion implantation with an energy of 4 Me V. Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) can be used as a method to estimate the age of sediment deposition using the paramagnetic centre related to aluminium impurities in quartz. The contribution of radiation from X-ray baggage scans at airports on dose formation in tooth samples was investigated by electron spin resonance (ESR) dosimetry and by glass dosimetry. For example, the variability of eolian dust flux estimated from North Pacific sediments have been interpr... Optically clear, as visually observed, natural quartz crystals of Brazilian and Arkansas origins, which exhibit Al–OH−-centers in their as-received conditions, have been measured for their low temperature ESR spectra to see the presence of Al-hole... Three protocols, additive dose, regenerative, and regenerative-additive dose methods are used in the present study to date two tephra sample... Cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy provides useful information about the existence of radiation-induced defect centers with a few micrometer resolutions and therefore has great potential to estimate the accumulated dose of natural radiation in ... As our understanding of seafloor hydrothermal systems grows, we recognize they are not always stable and sometimes show dramatic changes.

The dose rate in sea water was less than detection limit (about 0.1 m Gy/year) near the sea surface while it was around 2 m Gy/year at the sea ... Zinc oxide (Zn O) thin films were grown on silicon substrate by RF (radio frequency) magnetron sputtering. The present study aimed to test reliability of luminescence and electron spin resonance (ESR) methods to date tephra. The depositions collected at Fukuoka in March show th... It has been reported that the growth of E1′ centers, formed by irradiation and subsequent ann... After the basis in physics for the ESR signals in quartz is ... The temporal change in the number of oxygen vacancies in quartz was investigated by ob-serving the E1' center in the atmospheric depositions collected at two cities in Japan in the recent past. The growth of E1′ centers in a variety of natural and synthetic quartz crystals has been investigated by employing the electron spin resonance technique. Kinshosan, Ohgaki City, Gifu Prefecture, Central Japan, and in Maesato, Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture Southwest Japan Because the content of insoluble residue is a little in limestone, it is a problem for many years what is the parent materials of dark red soils distributed on limestone. Properties and Uniformity of Parent Materials in Dark Red Soils Distributed in Mt.

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