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Which is why it's great to come with a friend and not have to worry about soppy romance. In fact, we didn't worry about anything."Have you phoned home? "Oh, they'll be fine." That's when I knew she had truly relaxed. But I planned to go with a girlfriend to unwind after a hard few months.

We had adjacent thatched villas on stilts over the lagoon. That night, we ate in the main restaurant, Thin Rah. There are some snorkelling sites within wading distance from the beach, but a boat trip outside the lagoon is needed for serious snorkellers and divers. But not even Manfred's considerable charm could persuade Lynda onto a windsurfer.There are individual treatment rooms, including, inevitably, some double rooms where couples can book a Partner Massage Lesson: "Learn the loving touch.Our experienced therapists will guide you and your partner through a simple series of massage techniques."Each room has that addictive outside shower and wafting through the spa is the distinctive "therapy" music - tinkling chimes, waves, the odd parrot squawk or whale song. After each treatment, we lay on soft daybeds beside small water-lily-filled pools, sipping lemon and ginger tea. I've never felt so relaxed so quickly," Lynda yawned.Few of them knew that Lynda was a well-known actress and, true, we were the only guests who were not gazing into each other's eyes, but there was no "invisible woman" attitude and certainly no tension or harassment.French film actress Juliet Binoche and Mel B from the Spice Girls have been recent visitors. That night we tried the "Romantic Desert Island" setting - a small atoll a few yards from the island where couples can dine in privacy.

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