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Those targeted are often intelligent, professional people.

According to a study by Leicester University, as many as 200,000 people in the UK may have fallen victim to online romance scams.

They exchanged messages and she even spoke several times on the phone to a man claiming to be her online date.

He described his life in England, including details about his pets, children and past relationships.

'I completely believed he was coming back and he was going to pay me back,' Mrs Fowkes said. Everything I asked – like why the embassy couldn't help – he always had an answer for.'I believed I had started a relationship but looking back I was obviously being groomed.

When I told my two sons they were devastated and blamed themselves for not questioning what I was doing.

I also wasn't sold on re-using the mountain scene from before, for fear of being redundant.

Ultimately, keeping that mountain scene worked out well and tied all the components together.

The mountain scene was recycled from the Save the Date card. Bachelor's Degree Have you traveled abroad in the past?I've always been interested in living and working abroad.Since this version of the invitation featured a perfed RSVP card, I initially utilized the front of the card in the same manner as a real postcard.I experimented with levels of scenes, adding maximum detail (trees, hills) and keeping myself back (just sun and moon).

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    “Risks of forced or unwanted sex are higher when you have an older male partner.

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    When joining, you are asked to choose your relationship status; either “attached male seeking female” or “attached female seeking male”.