Do black girls like white guys dating

They found my natural tresses engaging and refreshing, and even though I was flattered, I always made it a point to explain that extensions were not necessarily a tacky endeavor, as long as the recipient knows how to rock it!Another reason why my friends were adamant that I was “white guy” material rests on my physique.I am a low maintenance kind of gal so I never had a problem taking a hike and ending up at a watering hole.I somehow always ended up with white guys who loved my hair and it didn’t matter if they were younger or older.I have always been quite slender and there is this unspoken “fact” that white guys are more turned on by girls who carry a more athletic build.It’s true that based on the ones I dated, being in shape was a major feat, but they also appreciate a “little junk in the trunk” too – and I think that mentality goes across the board.

Dating outside your race can pose a variety of issues that can either break or make your relationship, but as long as both parties are in it for the right reasons, it can be an adventurously fulfilling ride.

It was a huge advantage that I grew up in my country because my demeanor reflects the fact that I am not your “typical” Black girl.

And when I would ask for a more detailed explanation, the stereotypes start filtering in; I am soft-spoken instead of loud-mouthed, I enjoy working out and it shows, I have a college degree, and I am not a “baby mama.” Yes, all those things are true, but those qualities also apply to legions of black girls, and I always endeavor to point that out.

However, media images and the lack of interracial socializing have led to a situation where the distinct minority of white men can say that they truly know a Black woman.

Even fewer can say with conviction that they trust a Black woman in either a business or personal relationship.

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