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You want to feel comfortable and confident, but if you dress in a way that’s too overt and revealing, you may attract the kind of attention that you don’t want, while inadvertently scaring off the kind that you do.

It may be something as simple as the difference between being sensual and sexual, but take a long, cold look at what you’re wearing before you leave the house, and think about the partner you’d like to see yourself with.

Remember that big “Mariah” tattoo on Cannon’s back?

Well, either way it doesn’t matter now, because Cannon had it removed.

Next, once settled into a cozy corner, it’s important to continue to engage with your surroundings.

With Cannon wearing so many different hats (and occasionally turbans) it’s no wonder why his net worth is .0 million.

For all their bluff and bluster, men aren’t always as confident as they may seem.

A little eye contact can go a very long way, a half-smile even further.

If you’re with, say, a girlfriend, and you’re sitting with your backs to the room, singularly engrossed in each other’s conversation, you’re far less likely to get approached.

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