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(Note: Zara Cully makes her last appearance as Olivia Jefferson.)Louise's latest interest is working at a museum, where she is invited to go on an archeological dig.However, the only people going on the trip are her and her attractive supervisor, a fact that she keeps from George.Meanwhile, when George and Louise get involved in a local election, the "race card" is played to comic effect, proving that phony politicians come in all colors. Bentley's birthday, the Willises cause problems—one funny, one shocking. To prove him wrong, George books a cruise for him and Louise. However, when George tells Mother Jefferson that they are going on vacation, she thinks "we (or they)" includes her.The funny problem deals with George and Tom wearing the same tux. George is bursting with excitement when he's asked to speak at a college, but he hesitates when he learns the school is in Harlem.This leads to a street kid getting a job at one of George's stores and soon George discovers an expensive suede jacket is missing.George insists on being immortalized and devises ways of how to go about doing it. However, his family and friends consider the bust a hilarious joke.

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This leads George to bend over backwards to prove that their marriage is far from over.

It's the Christmas season and the first wedding anniversary of Lionel and Jenny.

However, George is sneaking around sending gifts to a mysterious address in Harlem, leading Louise to follow him, and she is shocked at what she discovers.

However, the old pal, whom George knew as "Eddie," has a big surprise for George: her name is now "Edie," and she is a trans woman.

Helping out at the Help Center, puts Louise in the middle of a new program which gives street kids jobs with businesses.

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