Dating show parents

All of the parents seemed impressed with her beauty and credentials until they discovered that she’s 40 years old and has a son from a previous relationship.None of the families gave the approval for their sons to date her.Worrying about their offspring’s marital prospects remains a major part of Chinese culture and parents still play a key role in decisionmaking about their children’s nuptials.One reason, says the World Bank, which published a report in 2015 on parental matchmaking in China, is because of the lack of a solid social security system.

Others say the programme reflects how many Chinese families still expect women to play the caretaker role in the family, even though the number of educated women in the population is higher than ever before.

As they stroll after dinner, anxious parents try to identify potential spouses for their marriage-age children.

They are also ready to advertise their singleton’s looks, education level, salary, profession and assets (in the man’s case, it’s critical that he owns an apartment plus a car).

The format sees a contestant introduced to five families while the prospective suitor waits in a room offstage (where they can only communicate with their parents by placing a ‘call’ to the show’s host throughout the contest).

After a brief introduction, the parents take turns asking tough questions before determining whether the contestant is a good match for their child.

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