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The differentiation is disabled if there is no specification of the transaction date in the selection parameters for the summary light.A TSP can obtain all the information about INA numbers for an initial data load by using the file (INA_List), which contains all numbers taken into service or out-of-service and modifications done on the numbers (tariff changes). Web GUI custom report: Under the menu "INA Number"/Select INA Number, enter an appropriate selection (no selection criteria for getting everything, except the INA Status = SRVIN), then click on the download button at the bottom of the page.The targeted TSPs are the charging determination point operators (CDP-TSPs) and have usually ? You can also select the online tariff profiles with the flag "industry standard" if you want to see only these tariffs.The differentiation consists of a bold font for the display of the respective tariff profile in the case of multiple transactions.In 2008 the number was modified again and became associated with tariff class 12333, which is now the current association.You select INA numbers and specify the tariff class 12222 as a selection criterion.The Number Holder is not necessarily identical to the Service Provider.The Number Holder / Service Provider must then go to a Telecom Service Provider (INA-TSP) to implement the number. The direct routing principle applies to Value Added Services (VAS) and Directory services numbers allocated by OFCOM to the number owner according to the Individual Number Allocation (INA) rules.

in the subdirectory lig and stay in this folder for 7 days (after which they are transferred to the Archive Directory).Note that a file with all INA numbers is also generated once per week, so that at any time you can rebuild the INA number status.Incremental files can be generated manually using the INA Number screen on the GUI with precise selection criteria on the activation dates / times or using the File Transfer interface with the function INA_LIST.Routing from the originating network to the Recipient necessitates the adding of the NPRN in front of the called number.The originating TSP must add its CDP-ID in front of the dialled INA number, i.e.

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