Dating bitterness

Her toxic anger then reignites, and she is ready for the next target.

The viral meme that inaugurated 2015 as the New Year of the Bitter Male Nerd is MIT professor Scott Aaronson leaving an emotionally vulnerable comment on his blog during a heated argument about misogyny and sexual harassment in the STEM community.A grownup woman accepts that life does not always go her way. She marinates in her victimhood and anger, making most anyone who crosses her path pay for her disappointment.(Especially the men.) Not coincidentally, The Bitter Woman constantly meets bad men who piss her off. ”, but she will always get to “He’s a total asshole.” When it ends (and it always does), she is even more convinced that all men are jerks.It doesn’t occur to her that the lack of a great relationship in her life has anything to do with her. We had a good phone conversation, and at the end I suggested we meet for coffee.She said something like “Oh…you don’t take women you meet in grocery stores to dinner?

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