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*shrugs* Just seemed extremely bitter to me and thus put me off her from the start. I did not like how Psyche was supposed to be some petty vindictive bitch. cheeze The CDS claims to have a 100% success rate - and Roxanne sets out to prove them wrong. That being said - it was cute, sweet, and hot when it needed to be.

She starts a smear campaign against her surprise, she can't find anyone else w FIrst off - this book is a total cheeze-fest. Roxanne Fortuna is tired of the loser boyfriends that her dating service keeps hooking her up with.

Of course, you know there is a HEA for these two crazy (non-human) kids. Like I said - this book is a total's short, and that makes it easier to stomach.

Although both try to deny it, they are in lust with each other.

After a chance meeting at a dinner party and some hot hallway sex DURING the party - they realize they do feel something for each other - but good Lord, they both still try to deny it.

But it’s hard to smear a company when you’ve got the hots for the owner.

Maverick Eros is more than the CEO of CDS, he’s Cupid himself.

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