Crack addict dating how long

(That age was nine.) Not like my husband would have been honest, of course, because addicts aren't honest with anyone, especially themselves. It's trying to love away the hate he feels toward himself, to ease the self-inflicted shame and guilt he carries around, as if it's my duty.When signs of my husband's dependence became obvious to the doctor — and to several doctors afterward — there was no acknowledgment, no understanding, no effort to help a man struggling with a coping strategy that turned self-destructive. It's faithfully being there for someone who repeatedly hurts me, even if it's not with his hands or his words.

Knowing recovering drug addict personality traits is important for those already in relationships as well.

It's a life of justifications, covering up, pretending. I could hear my husband open our front door as I prepped dinner in the kitchen. The coldness in his words, the preoccupation behind his eyes, the sound of his struggling lungs whistling as I try to sleep next to him.

Except I knew it wasn't really my husband, not the same guy I married over five years ago. Today it's Vicodin, before that it was Methadone, before that it was Heroin, and before that it was an Oxy Contin prescription from his doctor, hoping to ease a gnawing pain in his leg. It's a life of justifications, covering up, pretending. Being a drug addict's wife means understanding the whys and seeing the humanity behind the label.

Not everyone is aware of the personality traits of people in addiction recovery.

However, knowing some of these traits can make interacting with them easier.

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