Coworker relationships dating

Romantic relationships in the workplace are often known and easily detected by the couple's fellow co-workers.Once it is made known that the two individuals are in a relationship, it is often difficult for their co-workers to know whether to view them as individuals or as a team.

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In conjunction with having more positive attitudes toward their work, individuals are often easier to work with because they feel more comfortable expressing their ideas and criticisms with their significant other.

For instance, some managers may see the development of a workplace romance as unprofessional and a possible lack of judgement that may discourage them from offering the employees involved any further advancements within the company.

Many employees view a romantic relationship in the workplace as a risk that is not worth taking because it may jeopardize their career.

The involvement of two employees in a romantic relationship can negatively affect their work performance due to distractions in the workplace.

Fellow employees are likely to notice any decline in an individual's work because their workload is often determined by their co-workers.

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