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In a study that could be classified as “How does this help America,” University of Michigan demographer Cassandra Dorius, the study’s author, states that 28 percent of American women with two or more children have them with more than one father.

Tragically, the percentage for black women is more than twice the national average.

“My sexuality’s very fluid and my gender is very fluid,” says Stenberg, who is petite and cherubic at five feet three, dressed in black denim overalls and a purple-and-white thrift-store shirt, her hair cropped short for her latest movie.

“I don’t think of myself as statically a girl.”Stenberg was already known for playing Rue in 2012’s when, two years ago, a video she made for a high school class went viral online.

“People are getting tired of the same material; they want to see black girls as leads in movies.” She knows she is the right person, and the right age, for the time.The study concludes that more than 59 percent of black women who have more than one child also have multiple babies’ daddies.Hispanics are a distant second at 35 percent, with white women holding steady at 22 percent.This should be a surprise to um…nobody, because we are well aware of the epidemic out-of-wedlock rate in the black community.But what I find funny (not in a ha-ha sort of way but in a this-ish-ain’t-right sort of way) is that as usual, the focus and bad news about black women leans towards the idea that the cradle of destruction for the black community lies at our whoring feet, whorish whores that we are. After the No Wedding No Womb epic clustercuss, I realized a sobering truth: Black men haven’t been marrying black women for so long that black women no longer expect to be married (or at least in a long-term committed relationship) before having children.

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