Bdd 2016 updating osd rule book for dating

Do you image and then turn off the computer right away?Do you image and hand the computer to the end-user right away?Why does this step take so long, assuming everything is set up correctly and working?Let’s take a dive into the logs during deployment and gather more insight into what is happening. The Configuration Manager client is in provisioning mode and Group Policy is suppressed until after a task sequence completes.

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(WUAHandler Logs during Install Software Updates Step – Windows 7 Deployment – Example had 69 Updates to apply) In the screenshots above we see that the Windows Update Agent handler starts at and doesn’t finish its scan until 16 mins later.Otherwise, you will not get your inventories, etc., but that is a blog post for another day.) There are some additional issues that you may not be aware of, depending on if the machine has internet access or not during deployment.Refer to this Config Mgr blog article for more information.When looking on social.technet in the MDT forum’s I see many people struggling to combine build and deployment shares together, or shares that have separate settings regarding computer deployment or domain membership.Now MDT offers four options to create a deploymentshare so flexible you’ll only need one share to truly rule them all: Allow me to explain each option and the pro’s and con’s: Customsettings.ini: hey If you can manage it per model, macaddress, tasksequenceid etc. But usually you are going to end up with a conflict that either strikes your build deployment or your deploy deployment.

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