Battleforge not updating

There's something happening on the world down below you and you and your fellow Skylords will have to intervene to...well, I'm not really sure why you're intervening, and that's the problem with the story.

The actual narrative only takes up a single paragraph during the loading screens before your mission.

While you might be tempted to combine the damage dealing power of Fire with the defensive strength of Frost, splitting your focus doesn't seem to offer many direct rewards.

The biggest disappointment with regard to the card system is the terrible auction system.

And while the concept is undeniably intriguing, Battle Forge suffers from the fate of many titles that attempt to blend popular genres in that the individual elements aren't strong enough to stand on their own and the synergy between them is lacking. Players are Skylords, immortal inhabitants of a floating fortress known as the Forge.

This is presumably the staging ground for all your adventures within the game, and it's also the central hub where you interact with players and test out your decks.

Toss in a couple of Shamans who can heal your damaged units and you've made your lowly Werebeasts capable of tackling much stronger opponents.

To play each card in the missions, you'll need two things.

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In any event, I’m sure this one will spark some interesting discussion!To play a card, you'll need to have a sufficient quantity of orbs and then spend the power cost.As you complete missions in PVE and beat opponents in the PVP arenas, you'll gain access to specific upgrades that you can apply to your cards.While some other card games encourage players to combine the powers of different aspects in their decks, Battle Forge seems to be designed around more focused decks.It's true that casting some cards require a specific colored orb and then additional orbs of any type, but the lower level units aren't appealing enough to encourage players to split their orbs between two powers.

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