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With the First Emperor's death and the Qin Empire's subsequent political chaos, Liu Bang renounced his government position and became an anti-Qin rebel leader.

Lü Wen chatted with Liu Bang, and said, "I used to predict fortunes for many people but I have never before seen someone so exceptional like you." He then offered his daughter Lü Zhi's hand in marriage to Liu Bang.He also initiated the policy of heqin to maintain a de jure peace between the Han Empire and the Xiongnu after losing the Battle of Baideng in 200 BC.He died in 195 BC and was succeeded by his son, Liu Ying. Opinion was clearly split on Travis’s three-year follow-up to The Art of Flight. What’s not up for debate is that the crew snagged some killer backcountry powderboarding over the long production process, and right here you get the chance to watch the best of it – in chronological order. All killer and no filler, this 18-minute cut showcases the best of the fast-paced and exciting action from “The Fourth Phase.” Witness the best of the best tricks from four years of filming and get a look at the grand scale of this production.Travis Rice cuts the famous THE FOURTH PHASE from a 90min feature film to an 18min action edit.

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