Antedating definition

Did you save all of the copies of your favourite 1990s music fanzine?You may be able to help us pin down the real origin of a word for a musical genre. You may be able to help us track the vocabulary of technology in the user manual of your first PC. Google Books is an excellent, freely available resource for researching the history of how words are used.Any evidence which has a documented, verifiable date is fair game.A submission of evidence should always include is a unique historical dictionary which contains over 3 million real-life quotations tracing the history of each word through time.

That would provide proof that the word was used before the date we have in the is from printed sources like newspapers, magazines, and books, but there are also manuscripts, personal letters, television and radio transcripts, film scripts, and diaries.

editors ask for your help in uncovering the history of particular words and phrases.

Each appeal is an invitation to assist OED editors in finding the earliest recorded date (or some other key aspect) of a word, to provide an accurate picture of when it made its first appearance in English.

These are acceptable because the dating information is reliable.

Ordinary websites can also be considered as evidence: we take the date that the site is accessed and add this in hard copy form to the find your word, and tell us about your evidence in the comments.

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