A beyblade dating quiz with kai

You gaped in astonishment."Now you try," He laughed. You carefully pulled away and blushed."I-I'm sorry..." You stuttered.You got ready as he pushed the money in, you pressed start and did all of the movements he did previously. He laughed and blushed as well, you just didn't see it."I'm Jay, Jay Walker." He introduced himself.Tyson Granger, the main protagonist of and Kai meet after one of Kai's 'underlings', Carlos, loses to him.Kai defeats Tyson as easily as Tyson did Carlos, though he does not use his bit beast for this victory.And as you know, Taemin and Naeun can introduce the two to each other.As EXO has gone through twists and turns over recent years(Baekhyun has admitted to being in a romantic relationship with Taeyeon, while Kris and Luhan left the group), Kai doesn't seem to be active in dating somebody, especially someone who is not a SM family.You made your way to the counter and read the snack list she had also given to you. He nodded."I'm sorry, let me help you with something." He smiled.You weren't paying attention and walked into a strong body, you fell back and hit your head on a shelf in surprise."I am so sorry! You shook your head."I've got it, thank you though," You brushed a piece of your (Hair color) hair out of your eyes.

He is the captain of the Team BBA (Bladebreakers in the dub) throughout most of the anime series and the keeper of the phoenix bit-beast Dranzer, or in the original Japanese version, Suzaku, the phoenix god of the South in Chinese/Japanese legend.You jumped up and brushed a loose strand of hair from your face. And you turned your head so he couldn't see the red across your face. You covered your mouth and giggled, on the inside you mentally slapped yourself."Really? " You smiled in embarrassment."I don't think they have it, I couldn't find it or issue #6." You replied."You haven't got #6? The man nodded as you turned your head in confusion. You snapped from your thoughts and stuttered on your words."I-I..I'm really sorry! The boy in green was handed something, you didn't see..he took a sticky note and wrote something down and stuck it inside the bag, then he came towards you."Here... A small note was at your feet when you looked down in sadness.You raised an eye brow in confusion and picked it up.~Cole~You were at the bakery picking up a cake for your friends little brothers birthday party as she set up the decorations.

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