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Facebook now also poses a real threat, reporting that four billion video views are happening each day on its network.

But when you’re standing amid the intensity of teen girl fandom at a You Tube meet-up, the looming threat of competition seems pretty remote.

You Tube argues its creators are essentially celebrities for the next generation.

In order to reach young people, you’ve got to be on You Tube.

It’ll be the first time Fan Fest has occurred in North America.Whether you're a seasoned You Tube veteran or a total noob, you can't ignore the fact that the video-sharing website has grown to become such a phenomenon that it spawns, on average, 457 You Tube stars every minute.But much like the stars of TV and movies before it, the world of You Tube has already become littered with scandals and dodgy goings-on that can make it a bleak and horrible place if you delve deep enough. movie where they pulled off a rather naughty yet genius stunt in which 'Danger' Ehren was tricked into pretending to be a terrorist, only for him to get kidnapped by an angry man (actually an actor) and chucked in the back of a taxi, genuinely thinking his buddies had just been gunned down?” sometimes escapes from a girl who can’t control herself.Singh doesn’t seem overwhelmed by the attention, nor is she cool to the reaction.

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